Anna Schimkat & Michael Barthel

Bei dir piepts wohl

A VOCHEL WO RED (translates into "A bird who talks" from the German Hessian dialect) is a conceptual album that deals with the tradition of animal voice imitation. It focuses exemplarily on bird calls, as these are used extensively for species identification. Schimkat and Barthel take up the acoustic fabric of nature noises, try to penetrate the huge storage of information it contains and reinterpret it by means of abstraction with noises, field recordings, text-recognition software, voices, recorders, birdcage and birdseed, as well as a prepared turntable. Twelve compositions of electroacoustic music and sound poetry.

Are you cuckoo

The LP is published in a edition of 300 copies.
The cover contains german and english texts and a two pages insert.

Released on SCROTUM RECORDS  > 

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