Michael Barthel 


Ten pieces of LOUD POETRY CHANSON with voice and piano based on Michael Bakunin's reaction on the circumstance of 22-years old Russian student Sergei G. Netschajev and his actions.

"In autumn 1869 Netschajev returned to Moscow with the already printed document of Bakunin's "Words to the Youth - Principles of the Revolution" and with a kind of identity card from the "International", Russian section. This ID gave him "Full powers..." Netchajev began with great skill and tireless zeal, but also with cunning and ruthlessness, to organise his "Groups of Five", the extent of which was difficult to assess because of their secrecy."

An acoustic and poetic inquiry into authority and power in human relationships.

"VOLLMACHT" was recorded from March-May 2020 at Kunstverein Röderhof. The four page cover is using the prologue of Michael Bakunin's book "Words to the Youth - Principles of the Revolution".

Edition of 100 copies.

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