Recordings for the Summer

Recordings for the Summer

Michael Pleißner
"Wie ein Funken im All"
cassette, 20 min

"Dialogue between two radios and two people" has been was is played by Michael Pleißner,
a fine artist based in Leipzig. Apart from a cassette produced in the 1990s which is now
lost, this is the only recording he ever made.

Born 1951 in Leipzig, Michael Pleißner started to paint in the 1970s and later moved on
to produce a large pile of paper collages as well as his "Dream Houses"-objects. Since
2010 he has solely been working on his artist books, using different art-, architecture-
and other magazines concerning cultural issues, like "Vogue", in addition to nature-mags,
like "Geo". Pleißner's books consist of collages dealing with the development of culture
and the permanent change of human environment, while constantly producing relicts of itself.
In this recording fragments of cultural information, which at the same time exists but has
already passed, can be heard, "Like a Spark in Outer Space".

Recorded in September 2017

Jean-François Robardet
"The Mourning Voice - Leipzig gig, 2017/04/11"

The Mourning Voice - Leipzig gig, 2017/04/11 is a live recording that doesn't exist,
that will never exist, of a concert that never happened.

The object, as a compilation of incomplete documentation transformed into an event
that everyone missed, represents a concretion of time, absence of time and words -
as well as a modification, a silent gate between past and future and an empty archive
or catalog of lost material.

Jean-François Robardet uses a large variety of media (drawing, poetry, digital image,
sculpture, perfume) to address memory, war and time, and to research on the history
of conflict and social and political issues, gender inequalities, cultural norms
and discrimination. With "The Mourning Voice - Leipzig gig, 2017/04/11", Robardet's poetic,
allegorical methods reveal an aspect of his practice, through which he edits setlists
with titles of his visual body of work, to curate the disappearance of unwritten songs
and unheard voices.

Designed by Michael Barthel, the 19 tracks of the concert are printed on a fold-out cover,
placed in a cassette case.

Franziska Klose
cdr, 49 min

Huy is the name of a range of hills that was created
in the Triassic period, more than 240 million years ago.
The CD presents 8 recordings in today's landscape such as
old farms, small villages, plain fields or beech woods.
Recorded in 2014, during an Artist Residency at Kunstverein
Röderhof in Germany.

The cover is a folded poster (43x31 cm to 14,5x15,5 cm)
and is printed on both sides. Numbered by Franziska Klose.


"For the Birds"
cdr, 30 min

"I am for the birds,
not for the cages
in which people
sometimes place them."
- John Cage

"For the Birds" is the first album by interdisciplinary art duo KLONK (Tine Klink and
Gerald Fiebig). The 5 pieces, mainly based on their multimedia installation work,
use the sounds of birds to explore our relationship to nature and its simulation.

When working with field recordings, birdsong can seem almost omnipresent in natural
surroundings. In turn, recorded birdsong has become something of a cliché of natural
ambience, heard in everything from "relaxation" CDs to computer games.

All 5 pieces on "For the Birds" make use of birdsong, recorded both from nature
and from other media, and mix it with various natural and artificial sounds - church bells,
metal percussion played on an object found in a nature reserve, a bird whistle, bicycle bells,
and the sounds of hedgehogs, bees, and other insects.

By increasingly disrupting the quasi-natural flow of ambient sounds by using loops, cuts,
and drop-outs, the album deconstructs the idea of an unmediated nature. The listener begins
to hear that what is nature to us is always a cultural construct.

8-page booklet, layout by Michael Barthel.

Eric Boros
"Hell's Hollow"
cdr, 30 min

"Hell's Hollow" is a collection of field recordings by Eric Boros, requested for this
CD project by Michael Barthel. Barthel asked for recordings made within the vicinity
of various locations Boros has lived in, and furthermore, that he not divulge the exact
coordinates nor the nature of said places. With the inspiration and ideas from each audio
piece, Barthel composed imaginary textile landscapes, photos of which are presented in the
accompanying 8-page booklet.

As of the first track, "Hell's Hollow", the listener is situated in a vaguely recognisable
sonic territory, yet as it progresses the temporality of this space is broken. The following
tracks, "Amphitrite Point" and "Green Lake", further this disintegration, providing a deeper
sense of disorientation. An ominous level of risk and intense unease is present in these
recordings, yet the specificity of each environment is left to the listener to interpret.

Eric Boros is a multidisciplinary sound artist, known for his experimental underground cassette
work under the name Hermit in the 1990ies, as well as with Vialka and various other international
projects. This is his first release using only field recordings as a sound source.


Marcellvs L.
cassette, 13 min 15 sec

Alexander Kluge: The cosmos is cold.
Heiner Müller: Dreamless.
Alexander Kluge: Dreamlessly cold.

Binaural composition of a person sleeping with apnea
and a panicking dog in a house during a storm.

A "Sleep apnea" is a sleep disorder interrupting an individual's
breathing during sleep, sometimes hundreds of times in one night.

"Dreamlessness" was first presented as a two-channel installation
on headphones as part of Marcellvs L.'s exhibition "Slow Ontology" (2015)
and now it is available as an audio cassette release, with one side
of the cassette shell in black, the other in white.

Marcellvs L. (b. 1980 Belo Horizonte, Brazil) lives and works between
Berlin and Seyðisfjörður. His video and sound installations
create tangible and physical stagings of time which are decelerated by
setting commonplace objects in a state of perpetual duration, perceptibly
detaching them from reality.

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